Connect Alfresco and ERP systems

Streamlining and optimizing processes

With the use of a document management system like Alfresco, processes in the company can already be greatly optimized and structured. By connecting the business software (ERP system) and the DMS (document management system), however, a higher degree of optimization can be achieved and workflows can be streamlined.

A central work platform. By integrating Alfresco into an ERP system, employees have only one central work platform and do not have to switch between different systems. Also the registration of the corresponding users in the systems can be automated. A further advantage is the automatic storage of the generated documents in predetermined structures. This prevents the wrong placing of documents and eliminates the manual printing of the documents.

Open-source allows the adaptation and connection of the systems. After Alfresco is an open-source solution, this enables customer-specific adaptations according to specific requirements, as well as the connection of other systems. We have a lot of experience in connecting business systems to document management systems, webshops or websites.

IT IS Odoo Alfresco

Document management with Alfresco and Odoo

For the Odoo ERP system, we already have a ready-to-use solution for integrating Alfresco into Odoo. With the combination of Alfresco and Odoo, you can increase the document management in your company to a new level! With the creation of pages in Alfresco directly from Odoo, the synchronization of documents, folder structures, calendars and more. The following video gives a little insight into the functionality of the module. We would be pleased to present our module personally or via webcast!

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IT IS Odoo Alfresco ist für die Version 8, 9 Community und 9 Enterprise verfügbar und wird in Kürze auch für Odoo 10 zur Verfügung stehen. Wir helfen Ihnen auch gerne bei der Verbindung eines anderen Alfresco ERP System.

IT IS Odoo Alfresco


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